What would it be called, if your feminism is not for all females?

Some feminists think that issues not immediately related to heterosexuality are not feminist issues. They count the valid ones based on homogeneity and inflate their numbers based on our shared reproductive biology. But where our biological sameness ends, the divisiveness begins on the part of white, straight, liberal/bourgeois feminism. We have seen it argued that […]

Identity Politics was framed!

As a white person I confess I have used the terms “intersectionality”, “identity politics”, and similar phrases disparagingly. I saw them as cursed. That is, until it became relevant to my life. I had not seen them as relevant as anarchafeminism. So it goes. I was pretty clueless. Identity politics gets a bad reputation these […]

Women, Lesbians and Prostitution: A Workingclass Dyke Speaks Out Against Buying Women for Sex* by Toby Summer

http://feminist-reprise.org/library/sexual-abuse-exploitation/women-lesbians-and-prostitution-a-workingclass-dyke-speaks-out-against-buying-women-for-sex/ There are connections between lesbians and prostitutes. I know because I am one. A lesbian. An ex-prostitute. I have lived the connection. I still live daily with the results. I have been a lesbian for about thirty years. Coming out as butch (transvestite actually) as a young teenager in the late ‘50s meant that […]